Air China flies Phoenix Miles Platinum members to Dubai


BEIJING, China – In appreciation of the support and trust of Phoenix Miles members, the marketing department of Air China invited 40 platinum members of the Phoenix Miles frequent flyer program to experience a wonderful journey to the Arab world in April and May of 2011.

Air China chose 40 platinum members who had the largest number of frequent flyer miles in 2010. Those members were taken in two groups on an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip to Dubai.

Air China re-organized the travel agency’s regular, five-day itinerary of Dubai, adding activities and making the journey more efficient. Destinations on the trip included Jumerah Mosque, the Emirates Palace hotel, the seven-star Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai Museum and other famous scenic spots. At the end of the journey, Air China presented each member a special photo album as a souvenir.

The marketing department leader of Air China said, “Air China will continue to plan exclusive activities for our platinum members to provide them with the opportunity to relax, communicate with other Phoenix Miles members, and build their relationship with Air China.”