Celebrities eyes are on the Seychelles as a vacation hideaway


Interesting revelations have been picked by eTN on what it meant for the Seychelles having had William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, spend their entire honeymoon in their Indian Ocean paradise islands. Seychelles has always been the dream holiday destination for the whole world, and these mid-ocean islands have always been the top destination on any list of newlyweds for their most sought-after honeymoon destination. The aggressive marketing style put in place during the last two odd years by the Seychelles Tourism Board had already awakened everyone’s appetite to visit these mid-ocean islands that claim the best time to visit them is simply when you have the time.

Today, the visibility campaign by the Seychelles has been given a major boost. The official statement circulated by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finally confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Seychelles for their honeymoon. This information had been known by the whole world and confirmed and reconfirmed by eTN weeks ago, but today,eTN needs to congratulate the Seychelles authorities for having had the ability to keep the information away from all the press.

Last week at a tourism conference in Lusaka, Zambia, which was well covered by international press, Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, was asked to update everyone on the honeymoon of the Duke and Duchess of Cambdrige. After a long expose on the attachment by the people of the Seychelles for their past colonial power and for the British royalty, Alain St.Ange simply said he did not know if royal couple was in Seychelles, but that they had received in the past the visit of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew, and Princess Anne.

Seychelles had said that they pride themselves on privacy of their visitors and that they practiced a Seychelles brand of tourism based on personalized service. They have clearly been able to show to the world that they walk the walk and put into practice whet they tell the world they live by. The official statement now issued by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the the British Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Seychelles for their honeymoon and that they were seen off at the airport by Jean Paul Adam, the island’s Minister of Foreign Affairs; Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board; Patrick Pillay, the Seychelles High Commissioner based in the UK; Mathew Forbes, the UK’s High Commissioner based in Seychelles; and by Mrs Forbes. Immediately, the search engines are showing that searches on the Seychelles have increased considerably.

From SourceWire.com, it was reported that the travel search site, KAYAK, today reveals that searches for flights to the Seychelles have increased by 250% since reports announced the tropical destination is the honeymoon destination of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The site, which searches hundreds of travel sites at once, discloses that on May 5, 0.04% of all flight searches on www.KAYAK.co.uk were for the Seychelles. Following the revelation of the newlyweds’ secret honeymoon destination, the number of searches went up to 0.14% last week, a 250% increase.

Annie Wilson, UK Managing Director for KAYAK, said: “Destinations usually get a lift if celebrities holiday there or if it is featured in a hit TV show – but this dramatic increase shows that the royal wedding interest is still riding high. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might have flown to the hot spot by private jet and rented an entire island, but our customers come to the site searching for slightly cheaper deals at this royal-worthy location.”

This even though no one has been able to lay hands on pictures of the Duke and Duchess in the Seychelles because of the policy of privacy in place in the Seychelles.