Seychelles receives boost in interest because of media hype


(eTN) – It has been reported and now confirmed by different online web services that the interest for the tropical islands of the Seychelles has been boosted because of the media hype going on about the Indian Ocean Creole Islands. Inquiries about holidays to the Seychelles have rocketed since it was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had chosen this idyllic group of islands in the Indian Ocean for their delayed honeymoon.

TripAdvisor has said that interest in the Seychelles tripled earlier this week. They later said they have seen a 318% traffic increase to its Seychelles properties from the weekend compared to Monday and Tuesday, while Skyscanner said searches of flights to the exotic island chain were up more than 200% compared with a rise of 23% for all long-haul flights.

Britain’s new celebrity couple already holidayed together in the Seychelles in 2007, when they stayed on the flat coral island of Desroches. When they touched down in the capital of Mahe last week, their ultimate destination was being kept a closely-guarded secret by the Seychelles authorities.

TripAdvisor has said their site now expects British holiday makers to be following in the Royal Couple’s footsteps and booking holidays or honeymoons to the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles. “There’s no denying the nation, if not the world, was gripped by the royal wedding, yet such a significant spike in Seychelles searches on TripAdvisor powerfully demonstrates the increasing influence of William and Kate,” said Emma O-Boyle, spokesperson from the website.

Seychelles remains the idyllic holiday destination. Since the last two years, the islands had launched an aggressive marketing and sales program to re-establish their presence as “THE” tourism destination. ETN has covered many of the innovative campaigns including their twin-center holiday options with East and South Africa for “safari and beach” combinations. This became appealing and evident when the Seychelles launched their “From the Big Five, to the Best Five” campaign. They have also pushed packages with the island of La Reunion under the banner “The turquoise blue seas of the Seychelles and the spectacular geen mountains of La Reunion.”

They opened Asia and the Americas and then embarked into the world of carnivals when they staged last March their unique and highly-successful carnival of carnivals – an event that saw the best carnivals of the world parade with cultural groups from all the different countries. It was said by a journalist covering that carnival that the Seychelles experience is unique and very interesting. “Seeing the delegation from the Notting Hill Carnival from the UK parading down the strees of Victoria followed by a cultural group from Zimbabwe and behind them the Beauty Queen from La Reunion Island leading that island’s sega musicians, was a real melting pot of cultures, and they were followed by the Brazilians, the Zanzibar Tanzanian cultural group, and the Indonesians, etc.,” said the European journalist.

Seychelles has the President of the Republic, Mr. James Michel, who personally holds the portfolio for tourism in his government with Alain St.Ange as the CEO of his Tourism Board. Between them, they have put Seychelles on the map as the destination that should not be missed from the most sought-after tourist destinations. Seychelles is known as having the best and clean white sandy beaches and the clearest and cleanest turquoise blue seas. They say it is paradise, which must be the reason why the Prince and Princess traveled to these idylic islands for their holiday of a lifetime.