Chinese tourists killed in El Salvador plane crash


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The pilot and two Chinese nationals were killed on Sunday in El Salvador when the plane they were traveling in crashed in the region of Changallo close to the capital of the tiny Central American country, the fire department said.

The Pilot Yaron Degani, a Salvadoran national of Israeli origin, was owner of the local company the Pulsar Group. The two Chinese nationals are Lee Yen and Yu Wen Kao, the National Civil Police said.

Degani had lived in San Salvador for over 20 years where he launched the Pulsar Group, a company specialized in the manufacture of airplanes.

Shortly after the accident, personal from the Salvadoran fire department closed of the zone of the accident and started investigating the accident.

The plane had a test flight before taking off at the air base of Ilopango, which is located about 10 kilometers east of the capital San Salvador.