Eating, drinking and trending: Snack Attack

If research from the Specialty Food Association and Mintel is correct, the market for a snack or more is growing (along with our waistlines).

Eating, drinking and trending: Snack Attack

Snack Attack

If research from the Specialty Food Association and Mintel is correct, the market for snacks is growing (along with our waistlines?). Sales reached $127 billion reflecting a 15 percent increase between 2014-2016. While this might not seem significant, when compared with all food sales, where retail sales increased only 2.3 percent – the increased growth of specialty food items is remarkable.

The snacking segment holds 28 percent of the total specialty food market and sales reached $16.3 billion (2016), representing a 16 percent jump. Of the 13 snack segments, approximately half experienced growth of more than 20 percent with jerky and meat snacks in the lead.

Market Share. What You are Eating

• Refrigerated lunch and dinner entrees: 33 percent of market

• Yogurt and Kefir: 27.2 percent of the market

• Frozen lunch and dinner entrees: 18.1 percent of market

• Bread and baked goods:15.8 percent of market

• Chips, pretzels, snacks: 13.3 percent of market

• Cheese and plant-based cheese: 12.4 percent of market

• Coffee and cocoa: 12.0 percent of market

• Frozen and refrigerated meat, poultry and seafood: 11.4 percent of market

• Chocolate and other confectionary: 10.0 percent of market

• Condiments, dressing and marinades: 8.1 percent of market

People are snacking more than ever, with 65 percent of consumers spending $140.3 billion in retail and food service sales (2017), an 11 percent increase since 2015. Millennials are a convenience-oriented market and this group drove sales in multi-unit grocery and mass markets.

If you are a manufacturer, you are a happy camper as net profits have increased 18 percent despite growing costs for certification, ingredients and products.

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