Seychelles Tourism Board CEO invited to speak at African tourism conference


The “Seychelles brand” of tourism will be the center of the keynote address to explain the accomplishments of the Seychelles at the 5th International Institute For Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) African Conference. This intervention is seen by the organizers of the conference as an excellent contribution to the conference.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourim Board, has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the 5th IIPT African Conference that will be held in Lusaka in Zambia on May 17, 2011. The IIPT organizers see the Seychelles as the destination that remains an excellent model of sustainable tourism development and a destination that is meeting the challenges of climate change to tourism in Africa and the developing world.

The keynote address by the Seychelles representative in the plenary session of the Lusaka Conference will be entitled “Regional Development and Cultural Perspective in Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change to Tourism in Africa and the Developing World.”

This conference remains an important forum for Seychelles to position itself as a leader in the tourism industry. “We are today recognized for what we have achieved with our ‘Seychelles brand’ of tourism. Our tourism vision, as launched by President James Michel, is today earning respect by the Community of Nations. The claiming back of our industry for its long-term consolidation, and the move by Seychelles to empower its people in the four corners of the world to be Tourism Ambassadors and in so doing act as respected foot soldiers for the industry, remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy. Other initiatives such as the ‘Friends of Seychelles-Press’ and the decision by the Seychelles to post its own Seychellois professionals as key players in the promotions of Seychelles are today seen as positive steps by Seychelles in its tourism consolidation program,” said Alain St.Ange.