Seychelles tourism industry attracting local business people


Today, the Seychelles’ tourism industry is at a turning point where more and more Seychellois are getting involved in the development of the industry as owners of tourism establishments. The Seychelles brand of tourism comes as an added support to help the Seychelles Tourism Board’s continuous effort to consolidate the island’s tourism industry by attracting more local entrepreneurs in the industry and in so doing ensure diversity and affordability of products.

The new Seychelles brand, launched by Seychelles President James Michel as the country’s new approach to tourism, is bringing in a new wave of interest among Seychellois entrepreneurs to be part of the growing industry.

The brand has opened more avenues for Seychellois to venture into tourism business opportunities and more so instill a greater level of confidence in the industry.

One such example is the recent opening by Cedric Petit and his family of the South Point Villas on Cerf Island. This new waterside property is located right in the Marine National Park on Cerf Island.

South Point Villas Cerf Island offers a private and luxurious home-by-the-sea experience and typical of Seychellois-owned accommodation, it is characterized by a Creole welcome.

These small locally-owned establishments guarantee comfort, offer guests various personalized services, and also often provide panoramic views of the island. South Point Villas is comprised of 3 air-conditioned self-catering villas fully equipped with comprehensive amenities. Each villa boasts elevated panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the small uninhabited private island of Caché.

The nearby barrier reef is a natural ecosystem of marine life that can be enjoyed through snorkeling. Remote untouched beaches are easily accessible by kayaking and swimming, or walking at low-tide.

The South Point Villa Cerf Island is easily accessible to mainland Mahé through a free 15-minute ferry boat ride. More information of this new addition to the accommodation network in the Seychelles is avaliable in the hotel listings at the Seychelles Tourism Board’s website at .

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, met with Cedric Petit, the promoter of this new small establishment on Cerf Island, to congratulate him and his family for believing in the call made by the government of Seychelles when the new vision for the country’s tourism industry was launched by the President Michel.

“We today congratulate Cedric Petit, and we welcome him as a new player in the industry. He has brought to the accommodation network a new establishment on a island in the Marine National Park that is but minutes away from Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles. Small remains beautiful, and it delivers the Seychellois welcome, ambience, and style,” Alain St.Ange said.