Seychelles carnival covered by European travel magazine


Suart Tore, the Editor of the New Focus of Turkey was personally in the Seychelles for the Seychelles March carnival, and he wrote in his 6-page report about the merit for such as carnival as is now being staged annually in the Seychelles. With many colorful pictures, the report on the unique carnival of carnivals brings to life the carnival’s opening ceremony where the Seychelles President Mr. James Michel and First Lady Mrs. Nathalie Michel joined the thousands of invited guests and the people of Seychelles to watch a colorful explosion of music from a variety of groups coming from across the world.

The glossy and popular New Focus Travel Magazine from Turkey has come out with a report on the last Seychelles carnival. This succesful carnival of carnivals has been well accepted by the Community of Nations, because it remains the only carnival to have invited the participation of cultural groups from countries accross the world to participate and parade alongside the best carnivals of the world.

New Focus covers the press briefing hosted by Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and the main organizer of the carnival, which was attended by the large contingent of international press. They touched on the invited dignitaries including Dionne Warwick who was in Seychelles as the FAO Goodwill Ambassador and the welcome offered by the Seychelles President Michel at his State House to the government officials coming from Zanzibar Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Mauritius, and to Dionne Warwick and Miss La Reunion.

The main focus of the report on the carnival of carnivals was on the carnival parade by the eighty plus delegations and floats coming from accross the world. Their pictures cover the Brazilian delegation, Zanzibar Tanzania’s Cultural Group, and the UK’s Notting Carnival Delegation parading alongside the Seychelles delegations.

Alain St.Ange said to eTN that he was happy with the ongoing reports on the carnival staged in Seychelles. “We were brave to take a position of leadership in organizing a carnival of carnivals. We wanted to have an event where the peoples of the world could participate in a carnival for the world alongside the best carnivals of the world. Seychelles is only the host country and a proud one at that, but the success of the event is because their was a need for such an event that went beyond politics, religious beliefs, and color, which is why the press of the world have been writing so much about this event held in Seychelles last March,” said Alain St.Ange.