Seychelles tourism staff applauded for job well done


Mr. St.Ange, the Chief of the Seychelles Tourism Board, was speaking at a special reception at Le Meridien Barbarons where the majority of his local-based team had gathered to mark International Labor Day.

Alain St.Ange told his staff on the occasion of Labor Day 2011, that they play an integral role in the development of tourism in Seychelles and that he was grateful for their support in helping him drive that important industry.

The tourism CEO hailed his staff devotion and said how thankful he was to have such a supportive and strong workforce under his wings. He said their efforts are today paying dividends for the country and its thriving tourism industry.

He noted that in order to carry out President James Michel’s visions in tourism, he needed a strong and committed team to help him implement the different projects and activities.

“Let me take a moment to thank you for your hard work and commitment to the organization’s name. I stand here before you very proud of what we have achieved as a team and remain confident that we would achieve so much more together,” he said.

Mr. St.Ange congratulated the staff on the good team spirit they show when they are at work and said, “You haven’t only given what is expected of you in your line of duty but several of you have also gone the extra mile to make things happen.”

He said the past two years at the Seychelles Tourism Board – first as the Director of Marketing and now CEO – have been fulfilling and rewarding working alongside such a team. He hoped as they move boldly ahead with all their plans, it would be even more exciting and bring more success for the country.

Mr. St.Ange also spoke of staff development, which he said was very important in any organization and promised that training and further advancement of staff would continue under his direction.

Overseas staff postings have been one of the most celebrated achievements under Mr. St.Ange since he joined the Seychelles Tourism Board, and he noted that two more staff would leave the country soon to work in overseas Seychelles Tourist Offices.

It is to be noted that all of the archipelago’s overseas offices are led by Seychellois and so far, staff have been posted to France, South Africa, UK, China, and soon a second staff member would be posted in Singapore.

“I believe in giving deserving people chances so that they can prove their worth and contribute towards giving the impetus to our marketing programs,” he noted, adding, “Our postings have so far reaped marvelous results, and I have the pleasure to announce that two more staff would soon be posted to Singapore and UK.”

The tourism chief says he believes that when Seychellois sells Seychelles, they do it with all their heart and with a certain passion. Thus the reason why he has gradually included more Seychellois staff from the Seychelles Headquarters – but who have experience and know-how – into the structure of the overseas offices.

Mr. St.Ange concluded by saying that it may be hard for some people to understand all the hard work that goes behind driving such a big and important industry as tourism. As the drivers of the industry, he told his staff that there was still a long way to go to bring Seychelles’ tourism to a new level, but they have already achieved so much together.