Think of Phuket and the chances are many travel professionals may conjure up images of an overcrowded, overcommercialized, overpriced corner of Thailand that is best avoided.

Recently I revisited Phuket and was amazed (pun intended) at the choices available for couples wanting a destination wedding or honeymoon that is original and affordable. Thai style is always high-end, colorful, and exotic. Team up the tasteful Thai sense of style with creative wedding planning and a couple has the makings of a spectacular destination wedding that can be enjoyed for a lot, lot less than staying at home. We believe the creative management at a wide range of Phuket hotels and resorts are way ahead of the curve of their neighboring competition with outstanding product development to target the enormous destination wedding market.

Most resorts and hotels offering destination weddings have the option of a traditional Thai wedding ceremony or western wedding ceremony. Couples often choose to do both. And weddings needn’t be simply symbolic – legally-binding marriage ceremonies are possible by registering through the couple’s embassy in advance. We love the Nai Yang Beach area for a sunset wedding, specifically the Indigo Pearl offers sensational choices in all price ranges, with each option being very reasonably priced. Fancy a sunset cruise on a 25-foot yacht to a private island to say your vows? Consider it done with the Indigo Pearl.

Another superb option is the Laguna Phuket wedding chapel with an unbeatable over-the-water location complete with a baby elephant as ring bearer! The choice of Phuket for a destination wedding enables couples to have the wedding of their dreams in a dream location without taking a lifetime to pay for it. Thumbs up to Phuket, Thailand for incredible, truly original, affordable choices for destination weddings that have loads of wow factor.