Tualatin Valley, Oregon winemakers go LIVE

Winemakers in Oregon are definitely producing world-class wines; however, their mission goes beyond the bottom line. Many wineries in Oregon are actively and sincerely focusing on sustainability in their wine making systems and procedures by seeking LIVE certification: Low Input Viticulture and Enology. Certification means that the winemaker has reduced the overall amount of raw materials used in production – from water, and fuel, to fertilizer and chemicals. LIVE is one of two sustainable certification agencies in the United States – the second is Salmon Safe and deals with issues of watershed health. Approximately 300 LIVE certified wineries are in the Pacific Northwest, with new vineyards joining daily.

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The certifications assure consumers (and the planet) that the enterprises are maintaining strict sustainability practices in growing grapes and wine production in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Research finds that by following LIVE guidelines, the wines in the bottles offer a stronger sense of the terroir with an undiluted, tender-loving-care quality that strengthens the link between the fruit and the land.

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