House to be torn down after becoming a ghoulish tourist attraction


Incest monster Josef Fritzl’s house of horrors will be torn down this week.

The house, on Ybbsstrasse in Amstetten, Austria, became a world-wide symbol of evil after it was revealed that Josef Fritzl had kept his daughter Elisabeth trapped in a secret dungeon for 24 years.

Planning officials at Amstetten City Hall approved an application to pull down the house in a secret closed session.

And they ordered builders to fill in the basement for ever to prevent the house becoming a ghoulish tourist attraction.

The plan also involves putting up special barriers designed to stop the demolition being filmed by the media.

Details of the scheme were leaked to the Austrian Times newspaper, even though the meeting was held in secret.

Amstetten mayor Herbert Katzengruber acted after reacting furiously earlier this year to ‘media lies’ claiming teenagers were regularly entering the cellar dungeon in the home.

He said: ‘How deep can our society sink? In what sort of world are we living? I’m deeply shocked.’

Officials had spent thousands of euros before the Fritzl story broke promoting the town for a type of pear schnapps distilled locally.

Now visitors are more likely to come to visit Fritzl’s house than to visit distilleries.

Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his own daughter, had his properties sold off to pay back the millions he owed to banks in mortgages and loans.
But no buyers came forward for the Ybbsstrasse house, where evil Fritzl allowed his infant son to die of breathing difficulties rather than seeking medical help and then threw the boy’s body into an incinerator.

The 76-year-old built the hidden dungeon under the property and raped his daughter Elisabeth countless times during her incarceration.