Seychelles welcomes Zil Air flights


“We need to offer what our visitors want and when they want it, if we are to succeed in this demanding service industry we call tourism,” Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said.

“More facilities and more services for our visitors and for our people” is how Alain St.Ange summed up the announcement by Zil Air that it was spreading its wings.

Zil Air flies boldly into the future by unveiling fresh new “innovative development.” These initiatives broaden and build on the pledge and on-going commitment to offer a diversified range of solutions for visitors to Seychelles, while creating and maintaining the highest quality luxury aerial offerings.

Today, Zil Air is proud to announce that in July, they will take delivery of a brand new, 6-seater, instrument- and night-rated, twin-engine and air-conditioned Vulcan Air P68C fixed-wing aircraft, with services commencing in September. This is the first fixed-wing aircraft to be added to the Zil Air fleet, and it will open up opportunities to service additional market segments that to date we have been unable to reach.

In addition, Zil Air has confirmed an order for a new 4-seater robinson R44 helicopter Clipper II Helicopter, due to be in service by December. This baby helicopter will be a welcome addition to the fleet and will enable Zil Air to provide cost effective services for entry level clients, be it couples requiring transfers, business island transfers, or visitors wishing to enjoy scenic flights and excursions.

Both additions to the fleet are in line with Zil Air’s mission statement to provide the Seychelles tourism industry with the highest levels of service excellence, consistent quality, and an uncompromising “safety first” culture.

Francis Savy, Zil Air’s Executive Director, said: “The delivery of this new fixed-wing twin and the new helicopter is an exciting moment for Zil air. On April 1, 2011, Zil Air celebrated 2 years of commercial operations with 3 state-of-the-art birds in the sky, 7 Captains of which 5 are Seychellois, and a strong team of committed young people that make it happen 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is rarely a day that the sun rises before the team has.”

The diversity of these additional options will serve to support added-value attractions and experiences and will afford a new expanded customer base a variety of experiences at more affordable prices-entry points.

Visitors today are very sophisticated. They understand good design, current technology, quality, originality, and a commitment to excellence. They will not accept something derivative, demanding the ethos and soul of services be authentic while displaying character and providing impeccable modern and gracious personalized service that is down to Earth. It is this fine balancing act of apparent contradictions that Zil Air demands of itself, while simultaneously creating a service excellent that is specific, customized, and yet universal.

The structure of the economy is in the process of rapid transition with the momentum of economic diversification building strongly. As this continues to accelerate, the company sees a dramatic rise in opportunities to solidify cooperation and collaboration between Zil Air and the hospitality service providers, and encourages the momentum towards expanding this cooperation.

Zil Air is highly optimistic about the future. International interest in Seychelles remains strong, and the principal challenge for everyone is to ensure that everyone elevates their efforts to meet rapidly rising customer expectations.

Zil Air will not sacrifice quality for quantity. Best practice considerations lie at the heart of its approach to current and future developments, while always ensuring its focus remains contemporary and consumer-centric.

Zil Air is nurturing the essential elements of its successful services by broadening infrastructure with style, quality, and character.