JAL Group promotes unique destinations in Japan


The JAL Group (JAL) will launch a Regional Development Project from May 2011, in collaboration with various local organizations and companies to create and boost leisure demand to regions in Japan and to promote each region’s local produce.

Japan stretches over a land size of more than 375 thousand square kilometers and offers visitors myriad different experiences as regions across the country are unique in their cuisines, natural environment, art and culture and produce. JAL will select a destination each month to spot-light in its in-flight magazine, domestic in-flight videos and meals, as well as on its website, travel catalogues and airport lounges through which the airline hopes to introduce the unique characteristics of each place from various angles. Each location’s people, sceneries, traditions, culture and cuisine will be themes used for articles in the airline’s in-flight magazine SKYWARD. Tying up with Japanese television networks like BS Fuji in the month of May, JAL will also air in-flight videos that introduce the various sight-seeing spots in the area. Selected local produce will be introduced and sold on domestic flights while meals served onboard and in airport lounges in Haneda and Narita may either feature ingredients from these destinations or be inspired by distinctive local cuisines.

In the month of May, JAL will introduce Miyazaki Prefecture located on the eastern coast on the island of Kyushu at the southern tip of Japan. The prefecture’s famed ripe mangoes well-known in Japan as Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun) will be sold onboard domestic flights during this period while bite-size Japanese rice balls with meat – special to Miyazaki, will be served in JAL’s Diamond Premier Lounge in Haneda airport.

The Group is committed to contributing to the growth and development of local communities by actively utilizing its business operations and advertising and marketing capabilities. Through these activities, JAL endeavors to increase awareness and thus encourage travel to the many special destinations in Japan.