Good news for Sicily tourism

Good news for Sicily tourism

Up until some time ago, Sicily did not appear interested in the flow of tourists coming from China, but now the trend has reversed. The 3rd International Eusair Forum, which this year sees the Italian Presidency within the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, is pursuing a strategy that also includes sustainable tourism.

Sicily is the coordinator of the Italian regions and is part of the “China Country” project since 2018 when it was declared, by the European Commission and the Chinese Government, the year of Ue China tourism.

2017 tourism data is ready, showing it was a year of strong growth for Sicily with over 14 million admissions (+5.1%) and almost 5 million arrivals (+7.9%). The average stay was 3.1 nights per visitor. The province most visited is that of Messina which recorded 23.5% of the presences in the island.

Second came Palermo and third Catania. Tourists originate mainly from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom and together they are 45% of foreigners in Sicily. Strong growth also shows for tourists from Russia (+58%) and Poland (+27.8%).

To promote the Sicily brand, resources will be included in the P.O. ERDF 2014-2010 (UE Contribution Plan) The new propaganda plan aims to strengthen the regional brand by convincing tourists to choose Sicily as their destination for a trip.

The campaign also wants to make the experience unique and unforgettable, such as to deserve to be told through new forms of communication.

The project is also directed to the small- and medium-sized Sicilian companies that want to realize processes of aggregation, and integration between them has made available a regional contact for the organization of tourist packages, site adaptation, and educational tours.

The Marine Protected Area of Capo Milazzo is now a reality. For a long time, the city of Milazzo has been waiting for this news. Now the consortium for the management of the reserve will have to activate the procedures for the installation of maritime signaling and what is necessary to define the areas in view of the summer season.

At Aspra, near Bagheria, the Balistreri family has collected and preserved sea relics and has created a Museum of the art of preserving Anchovies and Maritime Arts. It is a museum that tells the story of fishermen and salters and which recently added new exhibition spaces where visitors can admire ancient lithographic stones and visit exhibitions and attend to workshops in collaboration with schools. Moreover, thanks to the Fish Shop it is possible to taste local delicacies.

A tribute to Pirandello, (Nobel Prize winner Sicilian writer of the 18th century), born in Agrigento, was participated by 500 students, who spent 3 days teaching drama, creative writing, scenic movement, and visual power of art based on Pirandello poem: “Uno, Nessuno, Centomila” (one, none, one hundred thousand).

More investments for regional transport that will translate into a renewal of the commuter train fleet in a progressive increase in supply and in an improvement of quality performance. These are the objectives of the new service contract with Trenitalia valid until 2026 just signed by the Sicilian region.

Starting from 2019, 43 new trains will be delivered, including 4 Pop, the best trains currently in Europe. There will also be special promotions and new links. In the province of Palermo, tourists will be able to participate in the “Sentinelle del mare” (Sentinels of the Sea) project which aims to monitor and protect Mediterranean animal and plant species.

In the conventioned facilities, tourist cards will be handed to be filled out with marine species encountered at sea during their excursions. This will help to understand the state of marine biodiversity.

From June 2 to September 1, the 4th edition will be held on “Ustica Villaggio Letterario” The 160 events including book presentations, astronomy, volcanology, theatrical performances, music, sport, fashion, and photography. This edition will be dedicated to the unforgettable Enzo Maiorca.

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