Strong recent investment makes St Lucia a world class destination


LONDON, England – The beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia has long been synonymous with high end luxury and big spending visitors but now, thanks to a broadening variety of accommodation and improved accessibility, its appeal extends well beyond honeymooners and the super rich.

DialAFlight TV’s recent St Lucia feature highlighted the island’s broadening demographic reach as well as its increasingly impressive range of attractions and facilities. So, whilst St Lucia retains its reputation as a celebrity hideaway — reportedly Amy Winehouse and Harrison Ford are amongst the latest stars to purchase properties — it’s also emerging as destination with enough range to cater equally well to more modest budgets. Head of St Lucian tourism, Jean-Marc Flambert, emphasised the island’s accessibility to a wide range of budgets:

“From 15 pounds right up to thousands, whether you want a home stay, a large hotel or a small hotel, we have that variety and are able to meet different budgets.”

St Lucia’s principal appeal will always be its staggering natural beauty. Immaculate white beaches and opulent emerald seas make this a picture perfect beach holiday destination, but venture inland and the scenery is just as remarkable — a verdant landscape of lush rainforest, rolling hills and jutting volcanic rocks.

Now, spurred by strong investment from both the government and the private sector, such obvious natural assets are being matched by exceptional new facilities and world class accommodation. Recent high profile developments include the Caribbean’s first overwater bungalows at Sandals and Hotel Chocolat, a lavishly renovated cocoa estate where chocoholics can indulge their passion amidst truly magnificent surroundings.

With exciting new developments like these enhancing such ravishing natural beauty it’s no wonder DialAFlight MD Peter Stephens is tipping St Lucia as ‘the island of the future’.