Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan; Khalid A Bin Sulayem, Director General of Dubai Department for Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM); and a number of sheikhs and officials in federal and local departments attended a lecture that concluded the activities of the 8th Ramadan Forum.

The lecture was presented by Sheikh Sulaiman Al Jubailan titled “Make your Life Better.” He thanked Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chairman of Mohamed Bin Rashid Establishment and DTCM for organizing the event stating that the forum has become an Islamic hub for the whole region.

He said: “Muslims lives would be much better when being modest and humble referring to the modesty of His Highness Sheikh Abdulla Al Nahyan when he honored and greeted the young preacher after his lecture. Nowadays, people have modern means of transportation and facilities, yet they are always not contented; the true happiness is when you are closer to the almighty god and have true faith in him.”

Al Jubailan, Islamic scholar, explained that people are busy with selecting the best pleasures and joys such as cars, money, or lusts, but the true happiness lies in the respect of the almighty god and faith. He also called Muslims to use the holy month of Ramadan in obeying the almighty god and in training themselves on positive habits and discarding immoralities. If each Muslim trains himself on obeying the almighty god and good behavior during the month, then it will be a regular habit afterwards, he explained.