Celebrate Easter Sunday in Seychelles at Family Fun Day


To help make the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) a success for Seychelles, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino will be organizing a gala dinner on Sunday April 30, 2011, in a bid to raise funds for the event.

Talking about the resort’s initiative, its general manager Ken Choo said that the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay team would like the sportsmen and sportswomen of Seychelles participating in the IOIG to know that the tourism industry supports them.

“We, in the tourism trade, are happy that we can assist like those in various other sectors and we wish them the best of luck for the coming games,” said Mr Choo.

He further explained that the organisation of their resort’s fund raising event is rather unique as they have friends from the entertainment industry coming together to give a one-night-only performance.

It is on that same note that Mr Choo extended the resort’s appreciation to friends like Patrick Victor, Red I, Dave Sinon, Danna Ally, Danielle Maillet, Belinda, Ruben, Philippe Toussaint, Mersener, Elijah, Chicco Martino and Daniella, Sly, Dezil and Emotions Band for making this happen.

“It is wonderful that so many of our local artist friends are willing to come together to promote and support our sportsmen and sportswomen,” said Mr Choo, adding: “A national event of this magnitude has proven to truly bring the people together.”

Still in the spirit of the IOIG, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino shall also be launching banners of the black parrot mascot in all 12 disciplines during the gala dinner. The banners shall be erected all along the Resort’s driveway.

With just four months to go, the banners will be put up so as to help create awareness of the games with tourists as well as local residents.

Another fundraising initiative of the resort is the setting up of a donation box at its lobby so that tourists can also contribute towards the success of the games.

In addition to organising the IOIG fundraising gala dinner, the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, in collaboration with the Cable & Wireless Seychelles and Seychelles Tourism Board, will be celebrating Easter Sunday, which falls on April 24, big this year with a Family Fun Day event.

Organised mainly for kids, the Family Fun Day activity will be a good time for parents to bring their kids to meet with the Berjaya Easter Bunny and have their family Easter photo taken.

The resort envisaged for the event to be a time for kids to get together and have a fun day out.

The Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort’s team view Easter Sunday to be an important day to celebrate as the majority of the residents in Seychelles are Christians. Plus, Easter marks the end of Lent and is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Mr Choo has said this year is somewhat more special in their organisation of Easter Sunday as they have been working hand in hand with two other business partners, namely Seychelles Tourism Board and Cable & Wireless.

“In this case, we find the private and public sector partnership to produce a more efficient outcome as we have the opportunity to share resources with one another,” conveyed Mr Choo.

He added “each of our organisations has our own strengths in our own fields. Seychelles is a small country and we can achieve more by working together.”
Cable & Wireless on its part has said that it is a privilege to be part of the private and public sector partnership in the tourism trade, which is focused on diversifying activities for the local community.

“As a leader in telecommunications in Seychelles, we pride ourselves on Corporate Citizenship, and always on the lookout for opportunities to give back to the community,” the company has said.

“Easter is a time for celebration and we are proud to partner in this fun day which promotes family values; hence, we encourage families to come and enjoy the day” added Cable.

Being a strong supporter of the ‘Fostering of Family and Community Ties’, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and partners invite all families to come and enjoy Easter Sunday with them.