Brits to be more adventurous with Easter holiday travel plans


ROMFORD, England – A new survey has found that Brits wanting to travel during the Easter holidays have been given a boost by the extra bank holiday in April, with recent estimates saying that millions of British travellers are expected to go on holiday over Easter and the Royal Wedding. The poll, which questioned 3,000 British holidaymakers 28% of respondents stated that they were travelling to a destination that they’d never been to before, which shows that more holidaymakers are becoming much more daring when it comes to their holiday choices in 2011, say

Luke Nathan of says: “The news that British travellers are becoming braver in their holiday choices is really a very positive one, as it shows that consumers are more willing to try something different this year due to the extra time off that they will have. What’s also interesting is that the poll also said that many travel companies are reporting that bookings to certain holiday destinations, have increased by as much as 180% compared to 2010.”

While 47% of respondents said that the current economic climate meant that they were still being careful about how much they spend on their holidays, the study showed that only 18% of those questioned said that they would book through a traditional high-street travel agent. Compared to 55% of respondents who said they look for the best deals and discounts on their holiday by searching for their holiday, such as all-inclusive Egypt vacations online, which shows that people are increasingly turning to the internet to find the best possible deals on their holidays.

Nathan continues: “The news that consumers have not only taken advantage of the extra bank holidays in April and May, but that they are increasingly turning to the internet to do so is just fantastic, as it shows that consumers still have confidence in the online travel industry. What makes this survey really interesting is that is reveals that while British holidaymakers are choosing to travel to places that they have never been to before, they are looking outside of traditional destinations, which is just fantastic.”