East Africa travel magazine spotlights Seychelles carnival of carnivals


The March issue of Destination magazine is shining the light on Seychelles carnival with a full-page picture appearing on its front inside cover. Steve Shelly of TACK Africa, the company that prides itself as being “the whole performance solution” based in Nairobi in Kenya and in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, had visited the Seychelles as part of a joint Kenya Airways and Seychelles Tourism Board educational familiarization trip.

Zanzibar Tanzania was the only East Africa country that participated in the 2011 carnival in Seychelles, and they traveled with an important delegation headed by the 2nd Vice President and by the Minister of Tourism who used this visit to also further develop and consolidate the good relationship that exists between Zanzibar, Tanzania, and the Seychelles. The Zanzibar, Tanzania, delegation was greeted at State House in the Seychelles by the island’s President Mr. James Michel.

“The Seychelles presented a new platform for the Community of Nations to showcase their respective countries, their culture, and people. Seychelles has guaranteed press coverage to those who descend on Seychelles for the annual carnival of carnivals, and the 2011 event that took place last March has been so well covered by television and press in the four corners of the world that many countries who had not participated in the last event are already making arrangements to be in Seychelles for March 2012.” Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board has said.

The Seychelles carnival is different from all else, because it is the only carnival that invites the best carnivals of the world to participate together and next to cultural groups from the Community of Nations. This is why the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles has called their event the carnival of carnivals. This year, the world-renowned Notting Hill Carnival from the UK was present, and they were parading next to a small delegation from Brazil; Venice, Italy; and the Soca Queen, Lima Calbio, and a delegation from Trinida & Tobago.

Cultural groups that made their mark at the Seychelles carnival of carnivals was France, La Reunion Island, Madagascar, Korea, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar Tanzania, South Africa, China, India, Indonesia, and Hawaii, among others. International Bodies also sent delegations to the carnival of carnivals to promote their organization and what they stood for. La Francophonie, the European Union, the the UN’s Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) whose delegation was headed by their Goodwill Ambassador, the American musical legend, Dionne Warwick, were also all at the 2011 Seychelles carnival of carnivals.

Navy Ships were also in Seychelles, and many world navies paraded in the carnival of carnivals procession to show support for what is being done by the Community of Nations to fight the plague of piracy in the Indian Ocean. The Russian Navy, the Indian Navy, and the French Navy were all parading side by side with the Seychelles own Coast Guards and enjoying the opportunity to be together beyond world politics. The British Navy were also in the Seychelles but were called out to sea on the day of the carnival because of an emergency. The shipping routes in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean have all been affected by the Somali pirate problem, and the show of force by the navies of the world was seen as a positive statement to spell out that the world is concerned.

The 2012 carnival of carnivals in the Seychelles is set for March 2-4.