Uganda calm in spite of isolated incidents


UGANDA (eTN) – Stage-managed and apparently media-scripted events in recent days have portrayed Uganda as a country “in problems” but far from it.

The “walk to work” scheme by members of the opposition – not all of them it should also be pointed out – shows an intriguing affinity between sections of the media and some opposition leaders, almost as if a role play was being scripted overnight and then put onto the public stage the next morning. Certain media houses are now thought to be in a covert league with sections of the opposition, trying to make headlines and to drive the country’s standing and reputation abroad into the ground.

Thankfully, government has also spotted these unholy alliances and taken life broadcasts of such “events” off the air, while carrying out investigations as to just what extent some “journalists” are involved in when making such “news,” rather than objectively reporting about it.

Be once again assured that Uganda is not Egypt, not Tunesia, and for sure not Libya, and comparisons with the elections in the Ivory Coast are also far from reality, as the elections here, with some flaws as every election around the world experiences by the way, were won fair and square. At the time, even opposition-funded and commissioned opinion polls reflected exactly the eventual outcome, and sore losers should take a hard look at themselves and their pathetic efforts to now re-write history by riding on the back of externally-fueled inflation and rising prices instead of working hand in hand with government to alleviate the daily challenges of ordinary Ugandans to make ends meet.

Tullow Oil has just paid a transaction tax of nearly US$470 million and a similar amount can be expected soon when the sale of some of their assets to other oil giants goes through, giving the government the financial ability to intervene in the market, stabilize prices, and benefit from a presently significant rise in the value of the Ugandan shilling against the US dollar once again, which should lower the cost of import for fuels, food stuffs, and other consumer items.

Uganda is a stable country by any measure, blessed with nature’s good fortunes and a friendly people. Its national parks and game reserves, in spite of environmental and conservation challenges – and here that often differs with the powers that be on the way forward, and have not been arrested or interrogated for it – are worth visiting and any efforts to portray, leave alone turn Uganda into a “problem country” is bound to fail.

Come visit, enjoy your stay and be assured that the few trouble seekers will not spoil the party.