Afrique Asie touts Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria


Christine Abdelkrim of “Afrique Asie” magazine writes of the Seychelles carnival, that Seychelles has done themselves proud, staging a highly-succesful event that has brought carnival floats from the four corners of the world to parade in the world’s smallest capital under the watchful eye of thousands of Seychellois and visiting tourists. The two-page article in the “Afrique Asie” magazine also brings out the diversity of cuisine from the different parts of the world that was avaliable in Victoria for their carnival.

Ms. Abdelkrim is a known and popular writer of the highly-respected monthly “Afrique Asie” magazine, and she had personally traveled to the Seychelles to cover the island’s 2011 Carnaval International de Victoria in March. Christine knows the Seychelles and has written many articles on these Creole islands sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but this latest visit was to see the first edition of the island’s carnival of carnivals.

Seychelles has now succesfully propelled itself into the world of carnivals, with a carnival that has a twist of its own. They have embarked on having their annual carnival in early March event as a “carnival of carnivals,” as they make it a point to invite the best carnivals of the world to participate and showcase their own carnival to the Community of Nations alongside the cultural groups coming from all over the world.

This year, some 22 carnival floats descended on Seychelles and participated with some 60 odd Seychelles floats in an event described right accross the world as having been a real success. A large contingent of press was in Seychelles to cover this very unique event, which will see its second edition staged on March 2-4, 2012.

The “Afrique Asie” magazine brought out that Lima Calbio from Trinidad, the Notting Hill Carnival Group, the South African Trumpeters from Cape Town, the Waki Band from La Reunion, and the Brazilian Carnival ladies were all part of the Seychelles 2011 Carnival.