Travelport: American Airlines lawsuit “ludicrous and meritless”


Travelport was quick to respond to American Airlines’ (AA) lawsuit saying that it plans to “vigorously defend against a ludicrous and meritless antitrust lawsuit” that the airline has filed. Travelport said in a statement that AA’s complaint “contains significant factual inaccuracies,” “disparaging comments about Travelport’s technology” and “finds fault with Travelport/AA’s longstanding distribution agreement — through which AA benefits from significant discounts — some five years after its initiation and at a time of renewal.”

The GDS argues that American is seeking to “limit consumer choice in shopping for fares and to limit consumer access to other relevant data.”

It adds that it believes that AA’s “plans to force a more restrictive distribution model would result in inefficiencies and considerable added costs ultimately to be paid by consumers.” Travelport also said that it believes that American’s lawsuit is an attempt to “gain bargaining leverage through litigation.” As a result, Travelport stated that it has “no alternative except to defend these claims vigorously and to take all appropriate legal action.”