Airbus sponsors electric concept aircraft “eGenius”


On its way to develop alternative energy-sources for greener aviation, Airbus is also supporting basic research activities for electric aircraft concepts. The “eGenius” technology demonstrator, an electrical propelled two-seater aircraft designed by the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, is presented for the first time at the international Aero-Expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Airbus, as main sponsor of the project, is examining the long-term potential of electricity as alternative major onboard energy source. The data collected from the practical operation with the “eGenius” aircraft will be analysed by Airbus’ Future Projects teams to further develop the technology and better understand its opportunities.

“It is our European Aviation Vision 2050 to reduce CO2-emissions by 75%, NOx by 90% and noise by 65% compared to levels in 2000“, explains Christopher Emerson, Airbus Senior Vice President Product Strategy and Market Forecast. “Airbus is therefore carefully studying all technologies available today for future alternative aviation energy-sources. By sponsoring experimental projects like the “eGenius”, we are gathering valuable experience and data for our further analyses and research activities in this area.”

Airbus is supporting various research and technology projects in close cooperation with universities and research institutes. Besides the monitoring of the electric propulsion technology, Airbus is also developing fuel cell technology as alternative energy source, enabling an emission-free aircraft operation on ground. In addition, Airbus is strongly engaging in implementing and testing bio-fuel technology and actively supports the installation of local bio-fuel value-chains around the world.