Radosa is pleased to announce the launch of LUXURYMEDIALIST.com on Monday, September 7, 2009. Now with less than one click of your mouse, you can build stronger media relations in Russia.

To build comprehensive PR and advertising strategies, the Media List is easy-to-use and built in Excel: it includes contact information of the editor-in-chief; fashion, culture, style, and travel editors; and advertising directors allowing luxury marketers to request a media kit of the listed magazines, which are the ones bought by affluent consumers, social milieu, and jet set elites of Russia.

The data is organized on Luxury Consumer Publications, sub-divided into a variety of categories, with a total of 700 names and email contacts. In just a few minutes, you can create a list of media email addresses, which you can use again and again to organize press trips; for sending invitations to your press conference, cocktails, or luncheon; and for sending press releases and news alerts to the Russian media.

The instant online access to the Russian Media List costs only 1,000 EUR. Before your pay for the Russian Media list, you can see exactly which contact information will be provided for each media outlet just by clicking on the SNEAK PREVIEW of the web site. Many similar services already exist in the world, but they are often developed with media lists of the west. We are the only media list broker giving you data that otherwise you will have to search from many different web sites in the Russian language.

Targeted media and PR planning is essential for a successful campaign; if you need a Russian PR agency both in Moscow or London, please contact Radosa Private Club. They look forward to working with you.

Welcome to Luxurymedialist.com Рyour Russian PR attach̩.

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