Insurance for space tourism available and inexpensive


“We are all absolutely fascinated,” said Richard Quest, presenter and anchor of CNN, discussing space tourism at PATA’s 60th Anniversary Conference in Beijing on Monday.

On the panel was one of the leading entrepreneurs in the space industry, Eric Anderson, Chairman and Cofounder of Space Adventures, who has led the development of commercial human space flights and the space tourism industry since its inception. He was joined by Mr. Yu Dengyun, Deputy Director General, Committee of Science and Technology, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

As the main contractor for the Chinese Space Program, CASC has immense expertise in the development and manufacture of spacecraft and launch vehicles. The two men were interviewed on stage by CNN anchor Richard Quest about some of the many advances taking place in the space industry and how, in the near future, travel into space is likely to become a very real and exciting possibility for the tourism industry.

ETN’s Juergen Thomas Steinmetz asked: “Assume I now bought a US$200,000 ticket for a hopefully round trip into space. How much would I have to spend for travel insurance?”

Eric Anderson responded: “Space travel is space. A good insurance policy would not cost more than 2% of the ticket.”

In response to a concern about environmental issues, Eric Anderson did not see any environmental issues in the way of space travel.

Watch eTN’s video showing CNN’s Richard Quest’s introduction to space travel.