Israeli tourists killed in southern Bolivia


Two Israeli tourists were killed and a third seriously injured in a car accident in southern Bolivia’s salt flat, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. The Bolivian car driver was also killed in the accident.

The women involved in the accident were all in their 20s, traveling on a post-army service trip.

According to most recent information, the car they were in flipped over while they were on their way to a party. Paramedics and rescue crews that arrived at the scene of the accident confirmed the death of two of the Israeli women. The third Israeli was taken for medical treatment nearby.

Another group of Israelis that were travelling with them in a separate car informed the Israeli Foreign ministry about the accident and the families of the women involved in the accident were subsequently notified.

Since Israel has no embassy in Bolivia, the consul of nearby Lima came to Bolivia in order to help arrange the transfer of the women’s bodies back to Israel.

Bolivia is a popular destination for Israelis to travel to after they finish their mandatory army service. Last year, two Israelis were killed in two separate accidents there.

In May of last year, a 23-year-old Israeli backpacker was killed in an all terrain vehicle accident in the country.

The month before, an Israeli woman was killed in Bolivia during a bicycle ride. The group she was riding with entered an area with heavy fog and she was separated from the group and fell off a steep cliff.