Italy’s press praises Seychelles Carnival


Europe is the continent with many a carnival, and Italy has its very own renowned carnival. Paolo Bembo, the highly-respected Italian journalist and historian from Navale Publications visited the Seychelles for their March Carnival of Carnivals and has now this week brought out a review of the Seychelles carnival and pages dedicated on the island’s unique attractions as a tourism destination.

Paolo Bembo describes the Seychelles carnival as that unique event in the world’s most beautiful islands and covers the safety label enjoyed by the islands at a time of great insecurity in many parts of the world. He encourages countries from the Community of Nations to use this platform in the Seychelles to showcase their own culture, diversity, and unique selling points. Mr. Bembo also salutes the presence of Marines from the different countries who sailed into Port Victoria to be part of the carnival celebrations and who joined the carnival parade in a show of force by the Community of Nations in the world’s fight against the piracy issue that is today affecting the shipping routes in the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles, situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, are blessed with a weather pattern that has given them the name of the islands of perpetual summer. They have some of the best world-acclaimed white sandy beaches lapped by clean and clear turquoise blue seas. The diversity of the Seychellois people has often been referred to as a real melting pot, and this was the tag line used by the Seychelles Tourism Board for their carnival.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews Ambassador, has said over and over again that he and his team at the Tourism Board are looking forward to a bigger and greater 2012 carnival. He has already been on the move to meet different Tourism Boards and Cultural Departments of different countries to see with them about their participation in the Seychelles 2012 carnival. “We are determined to have a unique event called the Carnival of Carnivals for the world. Every country in the Community of Nations are invited and everyone can participate freely,” St.Ange said to the press after the 2011 carnival.

The 2012 Carnival in the Seychelles will be held from March 2-4.