Number of Canadian tourists to Jamaica hits record high


For the seventh consecutive year, Jamaica recorded an increase in Canadian visitors in 2010, making a jump of approximately 34% over 2009. Throughout the year, Jamaica welcomed more than 325,000 Canadians, an increase of 70% over the past three years.

“These figures reflect the steady growth of Canadian visitors to Jamaica,” says Sandra Scott, regional director Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board. “We are pleased that our efforts to drive demand and boost arrivals have been successful. We continue to work with our airline, resort and attractions partners to create a quality experience for each of our visitors. It’s clear Canadians have cultivated a strong relationship with Jamaica which we will continue to foster.”

In December alone, Jamaica saw nearly 49,000 Canadian passenger arrivals, with the majority stemming from Ontario and Quebec.

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, P.E.I. and New Brunswick noted the largest increases in passenger arrivals over 2009, reinforcing Jamaica’s appeal to all Canadians. The Caribbean destination saw a sharp increase from both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, with a 44.8% and 29.8% increase, respectively.

Officials say the jump in visitors from New Brunswick is encouraging as these figures do not incorporate the newly implemented non-stop flight from Moncton which will further promote this growth. Ontario continues to make up the majority of visitors to the destination and grows steadily with a 13.8% increase over 2009.