Tour Hebdo one of many to cover Seychelles recent European Press Conference


The Seychelles Tourism European Director Bernadette Willemin recently addressed a press conference in France to announce the arrival of Raffles in the Seychelles. The point was made at the press conference that as Seychelles was welcoming its latest 5-star property on the island of Praslin, it remained important to remind the world that the range of accommodation network was today avaliable in the Seychelles and that the islands were in fact promoting itself as the “affordable Seychelles,” because it had a range of hotels and smaller family-owned guest houses suitable for every budget.

“Seychelles, Luxe, but not only…” is the title of one report from that latest press conference. “With Raffles, the Seychelles welcomes another 5-star, but refuses to be exclusively associated only with the high-end tourism market and is today pushing the diversity available on the islands,” Tour Hebdo reported from the press conference.

Bernadette Willemin said to the press that she is today pleased to see that the message from the islands is getting out. “We needed to break the perception that we were only a destination for the rich and for the peoples of the world. We have the 5- and 6-star properties, yes, and those in Seychelles are among the best in the world, but they are situated in the most idylic of locations,” Bernadette said. She was contacted following the “Tour Hebdo” article.

The Seychelles remains a destination offering to the world a personalized style of tourism, which they claim forms part of their “Seychelles Brand” of tourism – a vision launched by the island’s President Michel when he took over the tourism portfolio last year. Today, the island’s main industry is moving ahead succesfully, and those involved are working hard on involving more Seychellois in that industry, as this was seen as the most important way to consolidate the industry for the long term.

The Seychelles islands’ tourism industry has an all Seychellois team overseeing the marketing of what they claim is the pillar of their economy. Alain St.Ange is the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and is based in the Seychelles. He appointed Bernadette Willemin, who is based in Paris, France, as his Director for Europe; Myrna Michel is based in Singapore as his Director for Asia and Australasia; and David Germain is based in Cape Town, South Africa, as his Director for Africa and the Americas.