Oung El Jemel in South Tunisia


The region of Tozeur is one of Tunisia’s most attractive destinations catering for the traveller’s sense of exoticism, as well as his/her curiosity when it comes to discovering new things about Tunisia’s desert customs and mores.
It is also one of the country’s most restful places, especially as one moves out of the beaten tracks to explore places where time is at a standstill, whether under the lush vegetation of the palm groves, or along the majestic sand dunes which stretch out in the immensity of the desert.

Oung Jemel (literally, the camel’s neck) is certainly such a place. Following a period of restoration Oung Jemel’s 27 km long tourist track, linking Tozeur to Nefta, has been restored at a cost of 565 thousand dinars and is now open to visitors.
Moreover, a number of tourist projects have been set up in the region, including the upgrading of some hotels, the extension of others, and the opening of a tourist restaurant in the Oasis city of Nefta.

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Financed by the fund for the protection of tourist areas, these projects also include the launch in Nefta of the second stage of the refurbishing of the November 7 Avenue at a cost of 200 thousand dinars, as well as the refurbishing of the town’s old city at a cost of 150 thousand dinars.

The locality of Oung el Jemel, which is visited each year by thousands of tourists, served as the shooting site of Star Wars and the English Patient.