The psychology of group travel


How tour drivers interact with passengers and tour directors impacts on the entire experience of the tourist. The International Tour Management Institute (ITMI), an American training and certification program for tour directors and guides, recently completed its inaugural training and certification program for motor coach drivers. PDJ Global Logistics, a provider of luxury transportation, gave its drivers an opportunity to learn valuable interpersonal skills to enhance the quality of their customer service and to more effectively interact with tour directors and tour guides.

“Motor coach drivers are a critical factor in the success of any tour,” stated Ted Bravos, CEO of ITMI. “How drivers interact with passengers and tour directors impacts the entire experience. While all drivers receive safety training, most have not been given the tools to effectively handle the people-related issues that often arise. Our program is designed to give them the knowledge to deal with unexpected situations with grace and confidence. Motor coach operators benefit, because happy passengers are their best form of advertising.”

“In our continuing endeavor to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, we were pleased to provide our motor coach drivers with an opportunity to become the first drivers in the industry, to receive ITMI certification,” said Mike Kersten, CEO of PDJ Global Logistics, “ITMI provided valuable insights and guidance, which will undoubtedly have long term benefits for PDJ Global Logistics.”