My Holidays in Seychelles book a unique tourism innovation


Another positive innovation coming from the Seychelles is a book in both English and French, based on a letter written to a grandmother by a child holidaying in the Seychelles.

“Dear Granny, I am writing to you from Seychelles, Mum and Dad say it is paradise on Earth. I think they are right…” is the first opening paragraph with pictures of lovely water paintings depicting the different beach scenes and landscapes of the Seychelles.

“A real winner for Seychelles as seen from the eyes of a young traveler,” said Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board. The islands of the Seychelles remains a destination for families, as it is a safe destination with the most beautiful beaches and clean turquoise blue seas. Seychelles also enjoys one of the best year-round climates, giving it the quote of the “land of perpetual summer.”

Marquise David and Rhul-Dhee Sally have teamed up together and have brought out the ideal gift for the many families holidaying in Seychelles, and a gift that will remind families of their holidays in these Creole tropical islands.