UN Food and Agriculture Organization extends fight hunger message from Seychelles


While the people of Seychelles, as well as tourists, cajoled in the 2011 Seychelles carnival, a message was also very clear to the crowd that they must join the world in fighting against hunger.

The message was brought home by music legend, Dionne Warwick, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Goodwill Ambassador when she addressed thousands of people in the Seychelles’ capital, Victoria, for the carnival.

FAO also had a float in the carnival procession, and this was not only a symbol of hope to the most vulnerable of the world but most importantly, served as a reflection for everyone to stop and think about the less fortunate people who face and die daily from hunger.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the first edition of the international carnival in the Seychelles islands, Dionne urged the crowd not to forget that one in every six people on the planet wake up not knowing where they will get their next meal from.

Her impassioned plea was to “remember the most vulnerable, voiceless people in the world, poor hungry families suffering from high food prices, the global financial crisis, and increased frequency of climate-related disasters.”

Her call for Seychelles to join the world in fighting hunger was met with thunderous applause from the crowd. People then happily sang the song “That’s what friends are for” – which Dionne sung with friends many years ago – to express Seychelles’ support towards this very important global campaign.

FAO displayed a float where emphasis was put on food security and how important it is to the very existence of each and every human being on Earth. FOA’s float in the Seychelles carnival was organized by the Seychelles Representative for FAO, Antoine Marie Moustache.

It was also written in bold on the FAO’s banner that Dionne and FAO support Seychelles towards a better food security status.