Call to boycott Namibian tourism


SOUTH AFRICA – A new campaign against the clubbing of seals in Namibia has sparked calls for a boycott of the country’s tourism industry and products – including its famous beer.

The quota that has been laid down for this year’s Namibian cull is about 85,000 cubs and 6,000 bulls.

Local celebrities are lending their voices to organizations Free Fur South Africa and Beauty Without Cruelty to “stop the massacre.”

“Seals of Nam” will be launched on Tuesday with celebrities, including singers Danny K, Cito, and Louise Carver, as well as Mr. South Africa, Denver Burns.

Fur Free SA chairman Anneke Brits said: “We are calling on people to boycott the Namibian tourism industry. We can’t support Namibia, even though it is a neighboring country, when it allows this horrific practice to continue. Let us hope that this pressure will make the leaders of Namibian realize the folly of what they are doing.”

The practice, which Namibian authorities maintain is aimed at managing and protecting its fish stocks, takes place around July each year. During that time, up to 100,000 seal pups and bulls are killed at Cape Cross seal reserve, north of Henties Bay – a popular tourist area.

The Namibian authorities have a contract with an Australian company, which buys the pelts and sells them to those who manufacture, among other things, fur coats.