La Francophonie on the bandwagon at 2011 Seychelles carnival


A total of 21 international groups had gathered in Seychelles for the international carnival that was held between March 4-6, and among them was the well-known French organization La Francophonie.

La Francophonie’s participation in the carnival was just a few weeks away from its own celebration locally – the 7th edition of the La Francophonie Week (La Semaine de la Francophonie) that will be celebrated on March 15-24.

“La Semaine de La Francophonie” encourages countries with French heritage, such as Seychelles, to honor their Francophone roots during a week celebrating French music, poetry, literature, fashion, and cuisine.

La Francophonie showed full support for the “Carnaval International de Victoria” by taking part in the float procession which took to the streets of Victoria on March 5 and enthralled the biggest crowd ever to gather in the town center.

The participation of the “Francophonie” float provided the organization with a second opportunity other than its own week to raise its profile, giving the Seychellois public and the international participants the chance to further identify with the organization and learn more about it. The inclusion of children in the float also brought out the fun and a message of hope as the flagship colors of France joined the many colors of the carnival.

For Seychelles, La Francophonie’s participation in the carnival was a representation of the ties that exist between the two countries, but more so, it served as evidence of the melting pot of peoples from the four corners of the world that have each concoct their particular culture into today’s Seychellois Creole society.