Vanilla Islands travel itinerary


Sunbathing in Mauritius, wellness on the Seychelles, hiking on La Réunion, and an overwhelming natural experience in Madagascar. Island hopping in the Indian Ocean shall soon be easily arranged. The tourism ministries of the four islands have developed a new destination concept and position themselves now together with the label, Vanilla Islands.

The vanilla, cultivated on all four islands and an important natural and cultural heritage, is part of the common identity. At the same time, each island is unique, so that they complement each other for a diverse vacation in the Indian Ocean. The objective of the Vanilla Islands concept is to address new target groups and to launch an authentic destination product from the region.

Mauritius, La Réunion, Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros, and Mayotte will in the future market themselves not only individually, but will jointly build henceforth a new attractive travel destination. Considering their existing tourism structures and their diversity in natural landscapes and attractions, all islands are ideally qualified to jointly become a new travel destination with a huge potential. The Vanilla Islands will represent a welcoming and comforting zone in the Indian Ocean.

The success of the Vanilla Islands concept shall be based on four pillars: first, visa-free travel within the islands shall be facilitated. Moreover, the transportation network between the islands shall be extended and enhanced. The third pillar is a close cooperation between tour operators, hotels, and authorities. And finally a homogenous marketing strategy shall be developed, focusing on the uniqueness of each of the Vanilla Islands by strengthening the joint identity at the same time.

Multiple destinations within the Vanilla Islands offer vacationers an ideal combination of natural experience and beach holiday. In a further step, new cruise routes between Mauritius, La Réunion, Madagascar, and the Seychelles shall facilitate the diverse experience of the Indian Ocean. Today, the Vanilla Islands already present themselves as a one and diverse destination on the website .

Contact Information: Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority; Zeenat Gangee; ; Ile de la Réunion Tourisme; Nicole Anthony; ; Office National du Tourisme de Madagascar; Vola Raveloson; ; Seychelles Tourism Board; Alain St.Ange; .