Saipan Island feels “digitally” blessed

When it comes to things watery and related to tourism, well an island is a likely candidate for inclusion. Saipan Island in the far western Pacific has a lot going for it and certainly doesn’t mind blowing its own promotional horn when it comes to things aquatic. The folks here are gratified even more, when someone else of note blows it for us.

Recently Yahoo Japan, widely read in that and other Asian markets, lauded the beaches here as rating in the top three “not to be missed” beach resources in the entire world. There is a lot of sand in the world, and many fine places to visit around the globe that have a share in the Sea, Sand, Sun market so the Saipanese are especially grateful to be singled out as top quality among so many other possible options. We feel digitally blessed.

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On Tinian, there are “star sand” beaches (no kidding, sand shaped like tiny stars), on Saipan the gorgeous beaches of Managaha (rated the number 1 snorkeling spot in all the Pacific by those same Japanese beachgoers) and on Rota, the sugar-sand featured at the Swimmin’ Hole and elsewhere. So splendid beachery and all that goes with it, is expected there.

The native Chamorro peoples have congregated around the white (and black) sands and sparkly waters for about 4,000 years and are now willing to share a bit of this swimmers and fishers and divers paradise with the rest of us. Yahoo thinks that is pretty neat, so do the Saipanuvians and so do the lucky tourists who flock here to enjoy a few blissful days of fun and relaxation.

To those visitors, and to others who might want to come and see what all the Yahooing is about: keep those laptops in your hotel room, e-surveys and all. The ocean is our friend and a wonderful place to play but is not very kind to submerged email devices. So like US Minutemen advised regarding powder a couple hundred years ago, we now suggest that you “keep it dry.”

I must admit it is great to lounge on one of these wonderful beaches with the scent of tropical flowers and the free WiFi signals wafting about and I’ve been known to hack out an article or two with only the sunscreen between me and a crispy critter rating. Feel free to come and join me on some of the most Yahooable beaches on the planet.

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