Space travel expert to headline PATA conference


BANGKOK, Thailand – Eric Anderson, co-founder and chairman of Space Adventures, will be interviewed on stage by CNN’s Richard Quest, at the keynote session of PATA’s 60th Anniversary and Conference, April 9-12, 2011, at the China World Hotel, Beijing, China.

Anderson, whose company sent the first tourist into space in 2001, has a vision to open up space flights and the space frontier to private citizens. He believes space travel will revolutionize commercial airline travel.

Said Anderson: “We envision that, through the development of advanced spacecraft, the price of space travel will decrease and will enable the introduction of point-to-point travel.”

Despite the prohibitive cost of space travel now, he said the price would eventually come down, enabling many more people the chance to realize their dream of flying among the stars. “We believe that once the price of spaceflight can be reduced to the tens’ of thousands, instead of starting at US$100,000, it will become more mainstream and accessible for the general public,” he stated.

Taking charge of the interview, Richard Quest will bring his distinct and dynamic style to the conference platform, enabling a lively and interactive debate. As one of the most instantly recognizable members of the CNN team, Quest has made a name for himself as a unique figure in the field of business broadcasting.

The PATA 60th Anniversary and Conference marks the return of the PATA Annual Conference after a five-year hiatus. Focusing on some of the biggest issues facing travel and tourism executives, the program will feature high-profile speakers from within and outside the industry. It promises to be a pivotal event for the Asia Pacific travel and tourism sector and a must-attend for anyone interested in the on-going development of this dynamic region.

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