Malaysia’s healthcare value and quality go hand in hand


Malaysia is best known as a prime tourism destination, with a palette of offerings from sandy beaches to jungle treks and home to a highly sophisticated and world-class capital, Kuala Lumpur, dominated by the iconic Petronas Towers. It is a fact that Malaysia is in the big leagues when it comes to tourism, ranking in the top ten tiers of most-visited countries in the world.

Few “outsiders” know of Malaysia’s progress in the medical field. According to Josef Woodman, the revered guru on medical tourism, “Malaysia is one of the few destinations that offer the trifecta for English-speaking medical tourists: excellent healthcare, low costs, and English spoken throughout the country.”

Wellness and preventive care are working their way into the Malaysian mindset and nowhere is this better illustrated then at the Sime Darby Medical Centre (conveniently located in Subjang Jaya next to Kuala Lumpur’s old airport and rapidly becoming a regional hub for Firefly Airlines, which connect the capital to Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand).

Sime Darby, one of Malaysia’s largest multinational corporations, has activities in a variety of sectors, which include palm oil plantations, as well as real estate and energy.

Expansion in the medical sector is also a priority for Sime Darby, and the company is in the process of opening new hospitals and restructuring older ones. On the wellness front, I was able to experience first-hand how their executive check up program works.

Check ups for executives on the run
Coming under the banner of health screening packages, Sime Darby offers a variety to suit age, temperament, and budget. Starting with the under 40s is a comprehensive Basic Fit Package 1 at a modest cost.

For my 50+ years, I was offered the Prime Time Package, which involves a doctor’s consultation, detailed blood work, chest X-ray ultrasound on the upper abdomen, and thyroid screening, as well as an ECG. The procedure is seamless and foreign patients are welcomed at the International Patients Services Center and are personally escorted by a Sime Darby nurse who takes them through all the steps. Literally one could fly in from say Singapore in the morning, be picked up at the airport and whisked to the hospital and be out in time for lunch. A post check-up evaluation by a physician is part of the package on offer.

The health-care packages will appeal to all ages and budgets.