Seychelles President Michel meets with Vice President of Zanzibar Tanzania


The Vice President of Zanzibar Tanzania Seif Ali Iddi paid a courtesy call on Seychelles President James Michel yesterday. Vice President Seif Ali Iddi and his delegation are in Seychelles on the invitation of the Seychelles government on the occasion of the “Carnaval International de Victoria,” taking place in Victoria this weekend.

President Michel and Vice President Seif Ali Iddi discussed the need to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Seychelles, as they all share the Indian Ocean as common borders.

The talk also concentrated on improving trade relations in terms of importation of seafood, organic fruits and vegetables, and other raw material from Zanzibar at more competitive prices.

“The possibility of importing of food from Zanzibar is very important since we do not produce enough for our local consumption, let alone the large number of tourists visiting our country. It is important to ensure food security with new trade partners,” said President Michel.

They also talked about Seychelles’ expertise in the tourism industry and possible assistance to Zanzibar.

“Tanzania and Seychelles have a lot to offer each other in terms of trade,” said Vice President Seif Ali Iddi.

President Michel and Vice President Seif Ali Iddi also discussed the possibility of joint efforts and support in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean.