Furama Resort Danang extends Wi-Fi coverage to enhance guest experience


The Furama Resort Danang applies the most advanced high speed Wi-Fi in Vietnam to cover all areas of the resort grounds including the beach.

The Furama Resort has been long renowned for its five-star guest service and facilities. The resort’s facilities for conventions and meetings are the largest in the central Vietnam region and include a multi-level and room convention palace with facilities and capacities for 1,000 guests, as well as a large number of meeting rooms in the main resort building.

The Furama Resort has applied the most stable, high-speed, WI-FI system available in Vietnam, with the help of Digital Works Network. Digital Works Network is US-based with an office in HCMC and uses the world’s leading mesh technology, named Meraki, which is backed by Google. The network now covers all guestrooms, the lagoon, the gardens, both pools, the International Convention Palace, and the beach. It can service up to 1,000 wireless users simultaneously at the highest speed available in Vietnam, with services such as self-healing, self-configuring, and auto-loading, while proven to be the most convenient for conferences held at The Furama. These unique features in the Meraki technology further acknowledge the resort’s leading reputation for excellence in property and services.

Mr. Duncan MacLean, General Manager of The Furama Resort Danang, said, “We continue to affirm that Furama is the leading resort in Vietnam for its property management and services, and this new free service of an efficient and smart network brings our guests a greater experience in being able ‘access the web for both pleasure and work.'”