Airline passenger “Bill of Rights” gets folded into FAA re-authorization bill


If a member of congress had been trapped on the Continental flight for hours, it’s unlikely the measure to establish a Passengers Bill of Rights would still be languishing. These are the sentiments of Maine Senator Olympia Snowe who is sponsoring such a bill.

Senator Snowe is blasting her colleagues for failing to act and says the measure would have spared passengers on a Continental Express plane from being kept onboard for nine hours without food or water.

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Snowe says the continued failure of the airline industry to do what’s right bolsters the case for passing her measure.

“The airlines haven’t learned,” Snowe told Capitol News Service. “Which is just remarkable to me, that they have yet to learn a lesson from all the discussions, all the actions, which gets to our point, that the voluntary standards were insufficient to make the airlines live up to a certain basic standard.”

She says the bill has made some progress – it’s been folded into the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill that has been approved by the Senate Commerce Committee.