London’s carnival to take center stage in Seychelles


The Carnival Roadshow Company has been invited by the British High Commissioner in Seychelles to take a delegation of London’s top masquerade, steel bands, and leading DJs from The Notting Hill Carnival to Seychelles from March 4 to 6, 2011 for the first Carnaval International de Victoria since the 1970s.

The Carnaval will celebrate the different cultures that have settled and inhabited the islands and embody the blend of individual cultures and customs that form the vibrant and peaceful way of life on the islands.

Performers will descend on the beautiful paradise island from March 2 and in addition to the UK, delegations will come from several other countries including Korea, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, and from organizations from all over the world, including the British and Russian Navy.

There will be three main days of carnival activity, with day one on March 4 kicking off the celebrations with a large open-air alfresco restaurant activity, featuring entertainment and music from around the world. Days two and three will be the main carnival activities with floats gathering at the Stadium at Roche Caiman and following a circular route around the city of Victoria.

The masquerade bands participating in the British presentation will include Flamingo Carnival Club, South Connections, Beeraahar Carnival Club, Sunshine International, and Ruff Diamond, with CSI representing the steel bands, who will make their first international appearance with the Carnival Roadshow Company. DJ Antonn Black will also be mixing the Soca, Calypso, and sounds of the Seychelles with contemporary music from the London club scene.

Sainte Anne Resort & Spa, which will host the Notting Hill Carnival delegation, is one of Seychelles’ finest hotels, set on a 220-hectare private island, surrounded by one of the largest Marine Parks in the Indian Ocean.

Further sponsorship is also being provided by Cable and Wireless (Seychelles) and the Seychelles Brewery.

Claire Holder OBE, is used to organizing major events as the former Chief Executive Officer of Notting Hill Carnival, but taking the costume bands around the world brings with it it’s own logistical challenges. She said: “When we decide on the bands we are planning to take to presentations around the world, there are a number of considerations, such as the skills and creative input of each of the bands. We also like to share the privilege of attending these international events between all of the carnival bands, so that no one band takes precedence. As you can imagine, competition between the bands to attend the Seychelles carnival was high! It’s just a shame that we can’t take everyone, but those we have selected will undoubtedly shine.

“The logistics of taking carnival on tour are also fairly challenging, organizing the air freight for the delicate costumes, the steel pans, and the DJ’s lighting and sound equipment in itself is a substantial task. But once we arrive at the destination and we start the performance, it always becomes so worthwhile. The bands we have chosen for this event will showcase the standards and the talents we have here in London.”