Future of Space Tourism Summit


“With the launch of space stations, also known as space hotels, and suborbital flights, to take you to your space hotel, the dream of space vacations is not only within our lifetime, it is in the not so distant future,” said John Hazlewood CEO of www.CenTransit.bg – the company that will be among the first travel agencies in Europe selling space travel. The “Future of Space Tourism Summit” is sponsored by www.CenTransit.bg and is part of the international conference “Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit” between March 15-17, 2011.

“A 9-minute trip into space on a suborbital flight will cost as low as 100 thousand dollars,” said John Hazlewood. He added that now more investments are made in space travel such as space hotels, and NASA has developed a strategy for long-term missions for lunar settlements with goals to explore and colonize space. A private company that has sent all of the space tourists to space so far who have paid over US$20 million is now planning a lunar mission which will cost US$100 million. With advances in technology and a price for a trip to space at US$100,000, that opens a significant market of people who would love the experience and can afford it.

“The ‘Future of Space Tourism Summit,’ is a unique event and nothing like it has ever been created in this format. Story Musgrave is a NASA astronaut and a special guest and speaker at this summit. Story himself is unique, and with his inspiring presentation of ‘Earth from Space’ and his personal collection of photographs, integrated with experts discussing the future of space travel, sex in space and off-earth reproduction, space travel solutions coming to market, eco and our planet, and innovation, this summit will be unique in its format and extremely inspiring!” said John Hazlewood, CEO of www.CenTransit.bg at a press conference in Sofia. He added: “I have been fortunate to have seen Story go up in space several times, I have heard his presentations, and it really makes you think of things you have never thought about; it’s an inspiring experience that you will never forget. This is a perfect event for companies to bring their employees and important customers and can serve as a team building and corporate PR activity.”

Story Musgrave flew on all the US space shuttles, and he is a professional photographer with a collection of his work and photos from space; he is inspiring millions of people worldwide. He will show participants incredible photos of our beautiful Earth, which he took from space while on his missions, and share what the future space tourist will see and experience: “Our Beautiful Earth – The view from above.”

The first two days of the “Trends & Innovation Travel Distribution & Investment Summit,” will host a competition of preselected companies which have innovative offerings that are travel related. Although most companies will be Internet-related, there will be companies such as Inbloon.com that are launching space travel solutions. In addition to the Innovation Travel Awards, there will be panel discussions and workshops on trends in online travel; Internet marketing; social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by experts in the field. The conference agenda can be found at www.eCommerceAcademy.net and the conference video is located at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1dFuUt_6qk .

Registration for the mega event is already running on the www.eCommerceAcademy.net site!


Story Musgrave is a NASA astronaut for over 30 years! He performed the first shuttle spacewalk on Challenger’s first flight. Story was born in 1935 on a dairy farm in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He rode combines at 5, drove trucks and tractors at 10, and repaired them by 13. By the age of 65, Story already flew on six spaceflights and five shuttles.

Story never finished school, and in 1953 ran off to Korea with the US Marines where he was an aircraft electrician and an engine mechanic. He started flying with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in over 160 aircraft.

Now Story has 7 graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature, and psychology. He has been awarded 20 honorary doctorates.

Story was selected as a scientist-astronaut by NASA in August 1967. He completed astronaut academic training and then worked on the design and development of the Skylab Program. Meanwhile, he was assigned as a test and verification pilot in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Story was a mission specialist on the space shuttles Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis; the payload commander on Endeavour; and a mission specialist on Columbia. Story has spent a total of 1281 hours, 59 minutes, 22 seconds in space. Story is the only astronaut to have flown missions on all five Space Shuttles. Prior to John Glenn’s return to space in 1998, Story held the record for the oldest person in orbit, at age 62. He retired from NASA in 1997.

Today, Story operates a palm farm in Orlando, Forida; a production company in Sydney; and a sculpture company in Burbank, California. He is also a landscape architect, a concept artist with Walt Disney Imagineering, an innovator with Applied Minds Inc., and a professor of design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Story also performs multimedia presentations on topics such as vision, leadership, motivation, safety, quality, innovation, creativity, design, and ecology.

Don’t miss this unique event! Find out more about space tourism and experience it through the eyes of Story Musgrave. “I’m in a position to see nature from another point of view, to be outside the Earth and see the big picture,” he says. Story will share what the “big picture” is on March 17 during the “Future of Space Travel Summit,” organized by www.eCommerceAcademy.net .

Story, along with other experts in the space tourism business, will discuss interesting topics such as:

• The Next Frontier: Space Tourism
• Travel agencies selling space travel
• A view from space
• Sex in Space and off earth reproduction… and the 2Suit
• NASA’s planning long-term missions for lunar settlements with goals to explore and colonize space
• Zero Gravity Flights
• Suborbital Space Flights
• SpaceWalk: Even for cosmonauts and astronauts, the opportunity to leave the space station and float above the Earth is a rare and inspiring experience
• Virgin Galactic and founder Richard Branson
• Blue Origin and founder Jeff Bezos who also founded Amazon
• Bigelow Next-Generation Commercial Space Station and founder Robert Bigelow of Budget Suites of America

With the launch of space stations, also known as space hotels, and suborbital flights to take you to your space hotel, the dream of space vacations is not only within our lifetime, it is in the not so distant future.

This once in a life time inspirational event will be held on March 17 in Sofia Bulgaria. Register at www.eCommerceAcademy.net and make your plans to attend today. Seats are limited.