Who is the Seychelles carnival queen?


Some people think she is a foreigner, others are simply asking who she really is, and some rightly guessing that she is a born and bred Seychelloise.

The “carnival queen,” as many refer to her now, is 23-year-old Marianna Tirant.
Marianna has been adorning the 2011 Seychelles Carnival posters and banners for the past six months and being a “rare” beauty in our midst; many have been asking who she is.

The Victoria resident used to be a staff of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and worked in the events section where she helped plan events such as the Seychelles Regatta and SUBIOS, the Underwater Festival. It was a job she enjoyed as she got the chance to not only plan, but to be part of, big activities taking place in Seychelles.

She now works for Seychelles Hilton Northolme Resort and Spa.

The photo from the posters and banners was taken in 2006 during the Independence Day float where Marianna joined a group of her colleagues at the head of the tourism board float, in costumes that depicted the colors of the Seychelles’ flag.

Today, five years later, Marianna will make her return in an STB event, and she will be a key figure on the tourism board’s carnival float on Saturday in Victoria.