China becomes a supporter of Seychelles Carnival


The coming Seychelles carnival will not be having an official Chinese delegation in the float procession even though a private Chinese entertainment group is traveling to Seychelles to participate. This has not stopped the People’s Republic of China from bringing its financial support to the upcoming “Carnaval International de Victoria.”

It was the Ambassador for China, Mr. Wang Weiguo, who presented yesterday a cheque worth R100,000 to Alain St.Ange, the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

The donation comes from a group of Chinese investors and business community who have responded to the appeal for everyone to come forward and support the carnival. Mr. St.Ange thanked China for its support towards the organization of the carnival, which he said fully complements the efforts of the tourism board to see the event come out as a success for Seychelles.

He also noted that despite not having a float in the procession, the Chinese culture would still be represented through Chinese acrobats who will be performing on another float. Even the Chinese press will also be part of the international press contingent.

Mr. St.Ange also explained that the support from China is very important especially as Seychelles is trying to break through to the Chinese tourism market.

“China is today a small market for Seychelles, but it has the potential to bring us more visitors, and we are working on increasing our market share on that great potential market. Today, I want to thank the Chinese Embassy for all its support to help us both with the carnival as well as on our tourism marketing front,” said Mr. St.Ange.

Ambassador Weiguo said the carnival is not only important to bring the nation together but also to market Seychelles as a tourism destination in the world. The Ambassador added that though they can’t feature a float this year, they will work on being present at next year’s carnival, as they want to play a bigger part in this important event. Ambassador Weiguo also took the opportunity of the small gathering at the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Bel Ombre offices to thank the group of sponsors who have come together to make this donation.

These include the Chinese Embassy, China State Construction Co. Ltd., Qingjian Group Co. Ltd., China Shenyang Corporation Building Contractor, China State Construction, China Sports International Co. Ltd., Yangtze Construction Co. Pty, Mahé Transport Services, V.A.B. Pty Ltd., and Linro Global.

After the donation, Ambassador Weiguo and Mr. St.Ange extensively discussed Seychelles marketing activities in China and how the market is faring.