Travel professionals are not normally noted for their literary output but a rural-based Australian travel agent named Leah Squire, who is the owner manager of, has proved that if a travel agent sets his or her mind to writing a book, the results can be impressive. When I offered to review the book for Leah, I told her the review would be without fear or favor. She took a risk and she’ll be happy to know that her book (at least in my opinion) is great.

Leah’s book is both timely and scores 100 percent for relevance at a time when all travel businesses are trying to maximize their business opportunities for the lowest possible cost outlay. Leah Squire has only been in business for two years but she has been awarded the “Best Australian Micro Business” award in 2008 and was voted “Best Australian New Business” in 2007. She has accumulated considerable achievement for a mother with two young sons who set up her business with $1,000 in cash and boundless passion for her idea to promote family-friendly travel services.

Leah’s 132-page book may be thin on academic theory, but it’s strong on great ideas for real businesses. She gives extensive coverage to e-marketing, an area in which she has achieved considerable success in her own travel business. She has also proved that with good targeted e-marketing and building a strong database, a travel agents in Tewantin, 100 kilometes north of Brisbane in the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, can build a strong customer base that can be more than a match for any CBD shop front travel business. Leah’s book is a simple practical guide to marketing any business but especially a travel business with a minimum of cash outlay. Many of her ideas to spread the word about your business and enter competitions for awards are common sense ideas, but Leah has taken the step forward by committing these basic ideas into print.

As a marketing manager of a tour wholesaler, I found Leah’s tips to be excellent,a and it was well worth the 90 minutes it took me to read her book slowly. In my opinion, every manager of a travel business, anywhere in the world should have a copy of this simply written and very practical book.

To order the book log into The cost is AUD$24.95 including postage and handling within Australia. Extra postage applies outside Australia. Quite frankly, for a book that has millions of dollars worth of good ideas it’s a bargain.

David Beirman is the author of the book “Restoring Tourism Destinations in Crisis.”