European Tour Operators Association to meet about visitor tax


ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) will be holding a dedicated city tourism seminar in Florence on March 21. Florence has been chosen as emblematic of the famous “art cities” that attract so many visitors each year, and as a city that both benefits from tourism and faces the challenges of a top tourist destination.

The event is also being held in light of recent proposals to change federal law in Italy to allow communes to introduce a visitor tax. ETOA has been vocal in its concerns regarding Rome’s introduction of such a tax this year. Local politicians from Florence and elsewhere in Italy will be present, as well as a broad cross section of the tourism industry in Europe.

Last year, ETOA launched a Group Tourism Charter in Brussels that laid out how destinations could best welcome and accommodate groups. This year, the scope has broadened to look at city tourism in general, a theme that will continue through to the City Fair in London in June. The seminar will not only discuss the pitfalls of visitor taxes but will also look at how cities and the tourism industry can work together to ensure this important sector continues to grow in a sustainable manner.

For more information and to register for the event, please contact Nick Greenfield at .