Gourmet Purveyors launches Top Shelf


Getting a product onto crowded shelves is never easy, as the food distribution system is complex, expensive, and not very transparent. Food distribution channels are clogged, which is why Gourmet Purveyors International (GPI), founded by forward-thinking, fresh-faced entrepreneurs, is retooling the distribution model. The specialty food industry has its 800-pound gorilla distributors and brands who use tried, rather tired, formulas for bringing a product to market, which works well enough if you are big enough and swing a fat wallet.

Where old formulas fail miserably is with quirky, original products aimed at a younger demographic who are indifferent to traditional marketing and media. Gourmet Purveyors new Top Shelf™ program will showcase the original products GPI distribute, creating awareness and demand from the bottom up.

Jon-Paul Chevalier, VP of Spreading the Word at Gourmet Purveyors says “Big brands are taking a stab at utilizing social media, but rarely does any mainstream brand know how to properly harness the huge potential reach and influence through these platforms. Twittering every now and then is not the best use of powerful, viral outlets. However, Top Shelf™ with razor sharp strategic brand planning for a product and highly targeted viral outreach with smartly crafted content through to unique grass roots promotional initiatives will drive a product further and faster for very little outlay.”

Richard Medina, GPI Relationship Manager, understands the passion that drives his suppliers to create groundbreaking product. Medina notes ”Every unique, really cool product we distribute has been created by savvy entrepreneurs who know how to think and do business outside of the lines. It is with this same spirit we are delighted to launch our Top Shelf™ program to promote specialty products we strongly believe in. Often expensive, slick ad agency image campaigns are not focused on generating real world results and sales, but as a distributor it’s all we think about. From the bottom up, Top Shelf™ we will create demand to put a product on the shelf and get it moving off the shelf, stat.”

Gourmet Purveyor’s own business model is based on targeting retail accounts intelligently. “Retailers vary widely in their requirements and customers. We take the time to do the legwork to ensure a good fit for both the retailer and the brand. We’re in the relationship business, not simply the distribution business.” said Medina.

GPI’s Chief Bean Counter, Arthur Flores believes Top Shelf’s™ modest monthly all inclusive fee will be very attractive to brands wanting to add a fresh, new dimension to their marketing arsenal. “Our Top Shelf™ program pricing makes it easily accessible to every product, regardless of size or budget. I’m gob smacked at the hefty budgets required by brands to get their product on shelves when they work from the top down. We work from the bottom up, for less,” said Flores.

Top Shelf™ is spearheaded by the founders of Gourmet Purveyors, along with Mel Webster, a seasoned creative director and brand strategist with global advertising agency experience and Thomas Steinmetz, founder/publisher of the groundbreaking eTurboNews Group.

Webster said “Top Shelf™ is a smart yet modest investment, most especially for products without a comprehensive marketing or advertising campaign. Conversely, if you have a dedicated marketing program in place, we invite brands to support our innovative program with highly creative outreach that will dovetail seamlessly into existing positioning.”

Top Shelf™ launches March 1, 2011 showcasing products in an original viral marketing/PR program for an all inclusive fixed fee per month. To learn more about Top Shelf™ by Gourmet Purveyors, call 323.724.3400 or email Hello@GourmetPurveyors.com .